Parallel Database for Student Counselling through Single Window System for Admission in Engineering Colleges

Dr. D Asir Antony Gnana Singh, Dr. E. Jebamalar Leavline, B. Preethi


Nowadays, the growth of the educational sector generates massive data such as details of students, staff and their academic performance, administrative and research details, etc. These data are stored in distributed databases. The parallel database performs parallel query processing hence, the query processing time is reduced and throughput for the transaction processing is improved. The parallel database system also improves the performance by employing parallelism through various database management operations such as loading the data, building indexes, and evaluating queries. The data is partitioned and placed across multiple disks for parallel input and output (I/O) operation to achieve parallelism on queries using pipeline parallelism. The individual relational operations such as sort, join, aggregation, etc. are executed in parallel database by each processor that works independently with its own partition. Queries are expressed in high level language such as structured query language (SQL) that are translated into relational algebra for query processing. Thus, the parallel database increases the throughput in database management and reduces the query processing time. This paper presents a parallel database for student counselling for engineering university admission using MySQL relational database management system.


Mobile application; m-commerce; m-shopping; short message service; multimedia messaging service;

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