Mobile Application for General Stores

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Dr. D Asir Antony Gnana Singh
Dr. E. Jebamalar Leavline, R. Pravin Kumar


In the recent past, the advancement of technology develops more mobile devices and internet services are offered at affordable cost. Moreover, the mobile devices have become essential need for the humankind to communicate with others and share the information. Therefore, the number mobile phone users increase day-by-day. General stores are the stores that are located in a small town or the rural area. The general store carries the different merchandise. These stores sell food items such as milk, bread, etc. Moreover, these stores are located nearby houses therefore the travel time to reach the urban area to purchase few and a very essential commodity is reduced. The general stores play a significant role in satisfying the needs of the people living in rural area and small town. In most of the stores, the storekeeper or shopkeeper works as sales man due to the shortage of manpower and fund. Therefore, the availability and the stock of essential commodity are displayed on board or the screen in the store. However, the buyer needs to know the availability and the price of the required commodity of the store sitting at their home since going to the shop for an unavailable commodity wastes the time and energy. Therefore, this paper presents a mobile application for general store in order to know the availability of the commodity and their prices for purchase the commodity with less effort.


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