Fixed Point Theorems in 2-Normed Spaces by Sub-additive Altering Distance Function

P.L Powar, G.R.K. Sahu, Akhilesh Pathak


The study of fixed point theorem by applying the concept of 2-normed space has been initiated in [1]" M. Kır, K. Hukmi, Some New Fixed Point Theorems in 2-Normed Spaces,Int. Journal of Math. Analysis, vol. 7, pp. 2885 – 2890, 2013". Using the idea of altering distance function with the property of subadditivity and the 2-normed spaces, we have defined a fixed point and established some results assuring the existence and uniqueness of fixed point with reference to different conditions.


KEYWORDS: 2-Normed Space, 2- Banach Spaces, Fixed Point, Sub-additive altering distance Function.

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