Automotive refuge concept using embedded and computing approaches

Suraj U Rasal, Kratika Gupta, Varsha Rasal, Shraddha Shelar


: Traditional approaches are non smart and easy to intrude. In proposed approach, automotive components like steering, brakes, engine starter and door locks are controlled by computing approaches. Mobile is considered as unlocking key where global system for mobile services is used. Proposed system activation is done by online system through internet technology. Cryptographically imposed techniques are applied to securely store and access sensitive data. Multi locality approach is applied to avoid disaster and unauthorized ownership using randomizing algorithm. Computing and embedded with existing mechanical locking approaches are applied through Global System for Mobile service, internet technology, Engine Control Unit and applied cryptography.


Antilock Braking System (ABS), Central ECU , Computing Vehicle Locking System (CVLS), Device Drivers, Engine Control Unit ( ECU), Input Output drivers, JAVA,JVM, Mobile Engine Control Unit (MECU), , One Time Password (OTP), Raspberry Pi.

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