Integrated Approach to Find Trusted Path Under Blackhole problem in Ad-hoc networks using Digital Signature and BackTrace-AODV

Dinesh Dinesh, Dr. Ajay Kumar, Dr. Rajiv Mahajan


Mobile wireless ad-hoc networks are independent, infrastructure less, dynamic and multiple hop networks designed for trusted environment which are deployed spontaneously any time anywhere in specified geographical area with no pre established infrastructure and central authority. The intrinsic features of like heterogeneity, constrained resources, lack of fixed infrastructure, network dynamics make these networks suffering from various vulnerabilities by untrust worthy entities to crumble the network operation. One such vulnerability is a black hole attack which is an unresolved threat and hazard to routing protocol of ad hoc network caused by faulty node. In this paper, we have integrated a detection technique using digital signature to diminish the impairment impact of black hole attack and BackTrace-AODV (BT-AODV) algorithm into AODV to find trusted route. The simulation experiments show that proposed technique performs effective in thwarting black hole attack. We also explore effects of number of mobile nodes on routing behavior of AODV with our proposed protocol and our scheme outperforms AODV with blackhole with more throughput and packet delivery ratio.


BackTrace-AODV, Blackhole attack, AODV, ad-hoc networks, Digital Signature

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