Blended Learning in Higher Education using MOODLE Open Source Learning Management Tool

Hardik Ishwarbhai Patel, Dharmendra Patel


Both e-learning and in-person pedagogy has become more famous in higher education in recent years that is termed as blended learning. The paper will describe why blended learning is so significant in higher education. Blended learning is possible in modern era using information communication technology (ICT) based learning management tools. Learning Management tools can be classified as: commercial systems and open source systems. Open source system provides affordable solutions in effective way compared to the commercial ones. This paper will provide more advantages of open source learning management tools in comparison of commercial systems. The paper will also compare MOODLE with other open source learning management systems such as ATutor, Eliademy and Forma LMS. At last paper will provide a case study of MOODLE that demonstrate how it is an effective in blended learning in higher education.


Blended Learning, E-Learning, Information Communication Technology (ICT), Open Source System, Learning Management System (LMS), Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (MOODLE)

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