Exclusive OR (XOR) based Enhanced Data Security Algorithm for Cloud Environment

Pawan Kumar, Surender Jangra, Sawtantar Singh


With the advent and adoption of cloud services in assorted segments, the vulnerability and security issues are escalating very rapidly and therefore there is the increasing need to work out the specialized and highly secured environments so that overall trust and effectiveness of cloud based services can be setup. A number of algorithms and approaches are devised so far by number of researchers and practitioners; still there is huge scope and thrust of the novel algorithms so that the cloud services can be adopted without any security predicament. The key objective and goal in this research work is to deeply investigate the diverse algorithms of security which are used in the cloud environment. This research manuscript underlines and proposes a new Exclusive OR (XOR) based encryption algorithm to enhance the data security to greater degree. The implementation of the projected novel approach is done and compared with the parameters associated with RSA, AES, MD5 based on parameters - file size and average response time.


Cloud Computing, Cloud Security, Encryption Approaches, Performance of Cryptography on Cloud

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v8i5.3310


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