Information Security using Adaptive Multidimensional Playfair Cipher

Krishnaraj Bhat, Dindayal Mahto, Dilip Kumar Yadav


Confidential information in today’s world exists in many forms such as text, image, audio, video, encoded, compressed etc. The important aim of this research is to develop such a cryptographic cipher which is very strong and can secure all types of information without any ambiguity. It is discovered from survey that the existing variations of Playfair cipher except one can support securing limited number of characters and most of them are ambiguous, have less confusion rate and avalanche effect which should be high in order to be strong. Exceptional variation is the one that supported securing all types of information without ambiguity. Unfortunately, this variation is not memory and bandwidth efficient like many other variants and it can have low or moderate avalanche effect with respect to one bit change in plain message. So, we propose a new variant called Adaptive Multidimensional Playfair Cipher (AMPC) which can secure all types of information unambiguously with high confusion rate and avalanche effect, and is memory and bandwidth efficient. The security analysis of the proposed cipher shows that it is strong against five major types of cryptanalytic attacks. The comparison analysis shows that the proposed cipher is better than the existing variations in terms of memory utilization, security and applicability.


Cryptography; Symmetric cipher; Block cipher; Classical cipher.

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