Mobility Models and Routing Protocols in Opportunistic Networks: A Survey

Muneera Fathima, Khaleel Ahmad, Afrah Fathima


Opportunistic networks (Oppnets) are a form of MANETs, where node gets connected to each other opportunistically, when they are in range. The two key parameters to obtain an optimized route are Mobility Models and Routing Protocols. Mobility models are those which should depict mobile nature of nodes exactly. Routing protocols help nodes to transmit message between nodes i.e. source and destination. In this paper we survey and examine different Mobility Model and Routing Protocols used in Opportunistic network to optimize its route in an easy way with its taxonomy. A comparison table is given for better understanding. Hence, we provide an overview of Mobility Models and Routing Protocols to the current research and propose fuzzy PRoPHET for 100 percent data transmission from source to destination.


Opportunistic networks, mobility models, routing protocols, PRoPHET, fuzzy PRoPHET

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