An Optimal Solution for small file problem in Hadoop

Mansoor Ahmad Mir


Hadoop is an open source Apache project and software framework for distributed processing of large dataset across large clusters of computers with commodity hardware(used mainly for processing of big Data).HDFS(Hadoop distributed file system and MapReduce(a programming model) are Hadoop’s main two components). Hadoop does not perform well while processing large number of small sized files(of the size of the hundreds of KB’s or few MB’s) posing a heavy burden on NameNode of HDFS and increases the execution time of MapReduce. Hadoop being designed to handle large sized files thus pays the penalty for handling small sized files. This research work provides an introduction to the Hadoop, Big Data and review of the existing work and proposed better efficient technique to handle small file handling problem with Hadoop based on file merging technique, hashing and caching. This technique results in saving memory at NameNode, average memory usage at DataNode and improves the access efficiency as compared to the existing techniques


NameNode, DataNode, Amazon EC2, Merging, PreFetching

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