Study of Image Morphing

Anupama Gautam, Ajay sahay


Changing clarifies an empowered change to each other picture. Changing uses picture prepare structures, for example, turning and cross dissolving. On a very basic level the term changing is gotten from picture change which courses of action to change a photo into another photo. In changing there are two pictures in which the govern picture is wound a tad bit at once into the second. Oppositely the second picture will deform into first. Amidst the time spent mis honing an extensively captivating picture is made which is a typical of the central source picture reshape to the second picture and the unmistakable way. The inside picture might be seen as the key picture that gives an idea how the whole course of action might be made. This paper reviews the photo changing structures in light of the examination that has been had the spot in present day time and change of this range.


Transforming, Cross break down, distorting, work twisting, include based transforming.

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