Implementation & Security Analysis for RSA based Algorithms on Variable Key Length

Anas Irfan, Aqeel khalique, Mohd. Abdul Ahad


Cryptography provides confidentiality, integrity and availability. It is used to provide security and to communicate securely while the data is in transmission or at rest. Public key cryptography is used to implement these security mechanisms using secret keys for encryption and decryption. One of the most widely used public key cryptosystem is RSA. In this paper, implementation of the variants of RSA algorithm are performed and comparative analysis of these variants based on the time consumption for key generation, encryption and decryption process for different variants have been done. Result has been obtained and analysis is performed showing that security increases with increase in the key length. But it comes with a trade-off that it is more time consuming because of computational complexity of these algorithms. We implemented RSA and its variants namely ESRKGS and GRSA-AA. The comparative result is presented based on different parameters after which analysis is performed.


Cryptography; RSA algorithm; GRSA-AA algorithm; public key; private key; key generation; encryption; decryption.

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