Recent Trends and Technologies in Hand Gesture Recognition

Anu PD, Philumon Joseph


Hand gesture recognition is a growing field of research. Gestures are an important aspect of human interaction, both interpersonal and in the context of human computer interface. The interaction between computers and humans are provided by the hand gestures. Gestures provide a way for computers to understand human body language. Hand gesture recognition deals with the goal of interpreting hand gestures via mathematical algorithms. The techniques discussed are based on detection of some shape based features like centroid, orientation of hand, presence of finger, thumb in image and contour based features like convex hull and convexity defects. Hand gesture recognition system provides a user friendly way of interaction with the computer which is more familiar to the human beings. Hand gesture recognition process includes capturing input image which will be processed and segmented so as to extract features to identify different gestures. Different methods of hand gesture recognition techniques are evaluated and proposed a novel method for recognition. This method explains how the users hand is detected and the corresponding gesture is identified in an accurate manner. This paper also explains the various applications that can take advantage of this type of interaction mechanism.


Hand gesture recognition, Human Computer Interaction, Convex hull, Convexity Defects, Contour based features, and Shape based features.

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