An Efficient Admission Control with Adaptive Band Width Allocation Scheme for WCDMA Network

Vandana Khare, Dr. Y. Madhavee Latha, Dr. D. SrinivasRao


An adaptive B.W allocation scheme is necessary for the QoS provision in WCDMA environment. Traffic in the upcoming wireless network is expected to be extremely non stationary and next generation wireless networks including 3rd
 generation are expected to provide a wide range of multimedia services with different QoS constraints on mobile communication. Most important issues that the guarantee system efficiency and QoS required for different services. In a many scare resources as the radio spectrum. In this paper we propose WCDMA architecture for multilevel QoS services like voice, video and data for multiple uses and the adaptive B.W allocation scheme for multiuse’s adjusted dynamically according to required network. By simulation result our proposed WCDMA architecture along with B.W allocation scheme will reduce the call blocking probability, through put, transmission time, degraded B.W, degradation ratio.


Keywords: wireless network, admission control, through put, QoS, multiclass, transmission time.

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