Model Order Reduction and Stability Analysis of Interval System

Ateet Kumar Srivastava, Awadhesh Kumar


The model order reduction tool has been utilized fordecrementing the order of the interval model. The main prospective of this paper is to demonstrate the procedure for determining stability analysis of continuous time interval system. This paper concentrate mainly on, how we get the Kharitonov polynomials and how to use the algorithms given by Kharitonov for plotting Kharitonov rectangle. With the plot of Kharitonov rectangle we may determine the stability of interval system graphically. The conventional method for determining stability is also compared with the graphical method for determining the stability. The presented paper demonstrates stability analysis of decreasedorder system in accordance to the original higher order interval system. The stability analysis has been performed by using Kharitonov algorithm and MATLAB tool. Simulation results have been shown for comparison of stability of higher order interval system and decreased system.


Kharitonovalgorithm;interval systems; MOR; stability.

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