Software Effort Estimation using Meta Heuristic Algorithm

M Padmaja, Dr. D. Haritha


Many projects have been developed and produced through software industries. To develop the project, project management team must estimate the effort, cost as well as schedule to finish the project with high quality to satisfy the customer. In large projects, accurate cost and effort estimation are the essential task for the project manager. Software effort estimation is a vital role in industries to manage the project. To estimate the effort and cost of the new project, researchers and practitioners have recently proposed machine learning methods and optimization algorithms. In this paper we propose one of the metaheuristic approaches such as BAT algorithm to improve the accuracy of software cost estimation with existing optimization techniques. The results obtained using the proposed model compared with other model i.e GRA to minimize the error rate. The experimental observation show better results, high accuracy and has potential evidence that proves the efficiency.


Effort Estimation, Grey Relational Analysis (GRA), COnstructive COst MOdel (COCOMO), Bat algorithm

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