upcoming 5-G Wireless technology and its security concept

Mohammad Sadique Ansari, Jawed Ahmed


Abstract: The abbreviation of 5G technology is fifth generation technology. Today globalization in telecommunication has seen lots of improvements like 0G, 1G to 2.5G and from 3G to 5G. 5G is a major phase of mobile telecommunication beyond 4G standard. 5G technology is not currently commercially used for any country of the world. 5G supported voice over IP (VOIP) enabled devices. The advantages of 5G technology are that users can simultaneously connect to the multiple wireless devices. The aim of 5G planning is to provide the higher density of mobile broadband users and supporting device-to-device ultra-reliable and massive machine communications and lower latency than 4G and lower battery consumption for better implementation of the internet of things.5G wireless technology is depend on IEEE 802.11 wireless technology. Wireless local area network (WLAN) wireless metropolitan area (WLAN) and AD-hoc wireless technology are included in 5G wireless technology. This paper cover the security of 5G wireless technology. The main aim is to provide protection of 5G wireless technology


:5G, Generation of wireless technology, Architecture of 5G Requirements of 5G, Security of 5G

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