Classification and technical analysis of Network Intrusion Detection Systems

Nilesh.B Nanda, Dr. Ajay Parikh


System and network technology provide great convenience for rapid development. Network infrastructure devices help greatly in managing various spines of any enterprise like bank accounts, online transaction, transportation, social insurance, protection, correspondence and computer networks systems; but at the same time may suffer from unauthorized access, data theft, network abuse, data modification and DOS (denial of service) attacks which prevent assurance of continuous service to legitimate users of the network. For these reasons, The detection of attacks has been an important aspect of the efforts of uncovered system scam. Network security experts need much more alert accuracy and overall threat analysis in the number of ways to secure their network within cyberspace. Improvements in network intrusion detection and a more comprehensive approach can be made possible from several different hybrid sources. Network intrusion detection (NID) is the answer to all these threats and has regularly been studied in both educational and industrially by various renowned authors. This paper presents the findings and conclusions obtained from detailed literature review and gives a survey on the state of art of this research. Some conclusions on research trends are also discussed.


intrusion , detection, inspections,terminology, signature, security,alerts

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