A Secured Image Transmission Using Videos

R. Saranya Devi, Dr. M. Pushpa Rani


The internet is always vulnerable to interception by unauthorized people over the world. The importance of reducing a chance of the information being detected during the transmission is being an issue now days. These issues to overcome with the help of steganography and can be used different method (text, audio, image and video). In that, videos can be stored in a large amount of data that can be in any form of information such as images. The most of the color image stored in the RGB color model, but three primary colors is not sufficient to reproduce all colors and also medical researchers proved the human eye has different sensitivity to color and brightness. So, RGB color transform to YCBCR color model. It is a best representation in the image or video steganography. Because the human eye is sensitive to small changes in luminance but changes in chrominance part cannot alter the image quality. In the proposed method, an image hiding and extraction procedure in using YCBCR color transformed Mosaic image. Skillfull techniques are designed to conduct the color transformation process so that the secret image may be recovered nearly losslessly.

Keywords: YCBCR Color Transformation, Data Hiding using RSA Encryption, Huffman Encoding, Video Steganography

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v8i3.3173


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