Software Maintenance: Challenges and Issues and Models for Reducing the Maintenance Cost

Shray Khanna, Ashay Shah, Shubham Jain, Ramanathan L


Software maintenance is a very tedious and vital job in software development life cycle (SDLC). In today’s ever growing technological market outsourcing is done for best product delivery as well high efficiency. The outsourcing companies usually deliver a completed model to the company or user and further evolution or changes are done according to the requests made, these evolution or changes comes under Software Maintenance. Software maintenance is basically the modification done to assure a quality product after it is sent to the company or user who ordered it. This paper discovers the current models and strategies taken up by most of the leading companies for software maintenance and handling. It also explores the common challenges faced and its mitigation strategies. The preventive strategies are then discussed to help reduce for the issues faced by companies so as to overcome the overhead cost after delivering the product. The model/framework and strategies will explain the working into different stages and how the traditional methods can be used effectively. The maintenance issues is a wide field where each product has its own issues while there are some general issues too. This paper focuses majorly on general issues of software maintenance.

Keywords: software maintenance, software development life cycle, challenges, model, mitigation.

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