Cloud Computing and Big Data for Genomics: A Review

Sayantani Basu, Sathyaraj R


The Human Genome Project has led to the massive growth and deluge of genomic sequencing data. Though new methods have decreased gene sequencing costs, this has increased the need of large-scale genomic data analysis. Such data sets are valuable and informative for scientists and medical researchers for extracting valuable associations about genes and diseases. As a result, proficient technologies capable of handling such biological big data are the need of the hour. Cloud computing and big data both serve to manage, store and analyze such data. This is because such technologies offer concurrent and distributed data processing for evaluating petabyte (PB) range genomic data sets. This paper provides a review and comparative study of cloud computing and big data approaches in Genomics that have been proposed in the last decade. This paper can be used by other researchers to develop more futuristic and robust data genomic storage systems in the future. Keywords: cloud computing; big data; genomics; gene sequencing; bioinformatics

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