An RTL Based Design & Implementation of Block Cipher Through Time-Stamp- Keyed-Oriented Encryption Technique (TSK-OET)

Rajdeep Chakraborty, J.K. Mandal


This paper is an RTL based design and implementation of block cipher through Time-Stamp-Keyed-Oriented Encryption Technique
(TSK-OET); it has been done where the plain text is divided into blocks, and substitutions/permutations are performed in each of the blocks
during encryption. This technique has been successfully implemented in VHDL & C. The decryption is done in the similar manner, as the
technique is symmetric. The block sizes are not restricted to 2N, where N= 1,2,3, …… positive integers. Various tests & comparisons have been
done with industrially accepted RSA, comparable result has been found after a number of TSK-OET iterations and a large number of variable
sizes of blocks.


Keywords: VHDL, FPGA, RTL, Block Cipher, Session & Private Key, Cryptography, AD

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