A Survey on Context Awareness Security in Healthcare

Rakshitha P, Ashok Immanuel


Context-aware computing is a very rich and an interesting area of research when it comes to healthcare applications. In the forthcoming years, health care systems will be incorporating many new computing technologies. This survey intends to obtain an objective view of how context awareness works in healthcare, and have a glance at the advantages and shortcomings in it. Context awareness in computer science means the idea of sensing and reacting to the user’s environment. Mobiles (smart phones) are taken into consideration, based on where the user is located, when during the day, etc., his privacy and security is tracked 24/7, and this situational information helps to increase the information security decisions. When it comes to healthcare, every minute data has to be analysed thoroughly as it is related to a person’s healthcare. Understanding and handling such huge amount of data is a tedious task and there should be a top-notch security for such huge data’s. In such cases context awareness, would help to improve the security of current healthcare system. This paper concludes a better understanding of the important aspects of context and context-aware applications in health care. This paper also explains that an understanding of a number of disciplines is needed to conduct this research in healthcare system.

Keywords: Context; Context awareness; Context aware systems; Health care systems; Ubiquitous systems

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v8i3.2981


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