Evolution of Perimeter Routing Through Genetic Optimization in Wireless Networks

Neha Chachra, Dr. Jogishwar Singh Sohal


The continuously advancements in WSN demands its more usage in a variety of applications. We proposed a genetic optimization of non-linear type to give better response in the area of energy consumption and network lifetime. The scenario which is shown in this paper have try on exhaustive improvement in the different working stages of a network such as node positioning, coverage area, clustered data and aggregation output among regions. Our aim is to apply genetic approach under perimeter routing on network simulator environment, to get a specified fitness function, optimized and to personalise the network at all working scenario. Our focus is also to built the updated routing schedule with consideration of energy saving and to balance the energy factor in the whole network. The aim is fulfilled by using the innovative technique of crossover and mutation operators. So, we analyze that by introducing the genetic approach to WSN network quality improves in terms of functional parameters of the network. This proposed dynamic genetic optimization approach enhances the flexibility criteria and improvement under sudden changing conditions in the environment. It will also help to minimize the ratio of dead nodes in a frequent manner.

Keywords: wireless sensor networks, perimeter routing, optimization technique, genetic approach, energy consumption.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v8i3.2951


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