Automatic Syllabification Rules for Manipuri Language

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Mayanglambam Premi Devi
Irengbam Tilokchan Singh
Dr. Haobam Mamata Devi


This paper presents a rule-based automatic syllabification for Manipuri Language. Syllabification is the process of separation or identification or extraction of syllables in a word or in a sentence. Most of the syllabification tasks are done manually. The syllabification rules differ from one language to another as different languages have different syllable structures. Syllabification is the backbone of tasks like text-to-speech (TTS) conversion system, speech synthesizer, speech recognition, transliteration system etc. In this paper, we proposed an efficient algorithm for automatic syllabification of Manipuri Language based on syllable rule structure. The algorithm is evaluated on Manipuri words obtained from different sources like text-books, newspapers etc. The algorithm's result achieved 99.8% accuracy as compared to manual syllabification.

Keywords: Manipuri Language, phoneme, syllable, syllabification, monophthongs, diphthongs, text-to-speech


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