Use of Windows Presentation Foundation and Windows Forms in Windows Application Programming

Anurag Misra


This paper concentrates upon two of the development tools used to develop windows applications and both of them are
provided by Microsoft. One quite old and very widely used is Win-Forms which is there since the days of visual basic 6. But now
Microsoft came up with a new tool that is called Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). As compared to Win-Forms, WPF is
quite new and introduced with .Net 3.0 as a part of .Net framework. Microsoft has never given a clear statement that WPF is here
to replace the Win-Forms or both tools will be there to be used side by side. Both the tools have some pros and cons over each
other. So, here in this paper we will present a comparative study of both the tools. Which will help a developer to decide which of
the tool is better to develop the application in question. But as Microsoft hasn't cleared that WPF will replace Win-Forms or not,
in this paper we assume that both the tools are to be used together.


Keywords: WPF, Win-Forms, Memory, Templates, Controls, Animation, Triggers, Design options, Layout, Control Design,
Procedural approach, User Interface, Data Binding, Framework, Skinning Structure.

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