Review Paper on Network Layer for WSN

Gurpal kaur Dhalio


As we know WSN is an important application such
as remote environment target tracking and monitoring which is
used for wireless communication , integration of information
sensing , small message size and fast computation and as well
as WSN more Intelligent because it is used various nodes and
sinks which they can communicate with one another to form a
network . The main purpose of my survey on WSN with
network layer is improved efficiency and effectiveness of
previous paper which is related with WSN protocol. The main
goal of my survey is present network layer and its standard
routing protocol and discuss appropriate routing algorithms ,
services, responsibility for sensor networking , design issues ,
performance and also discuss functioning of network layer
communication protocol in simple and easy way as well as we
provide WSN architecture with its types and application and
also discuss two main constraints because resent paper or
literature provide network layer protocol in briefly with other
protocol such as physical , data link and application layer
therefore it become so complex to properly understood
specially network layer communication protocol. So this paper
especially focuses on N/W layer for WSN.

Keywords:-Wireless sensor network; network layer; design
issues; performance; functioning; routing protocol; survey.

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