A Survey on Various Cloud Aspects

Rakhi R, Litty Mariam BIJU, Sreelekshmi S. Kumar, Rinta Mariam


Cloud computing is the use of services over the internet. The services may include software development platform, servers,
storage, software etc. Cloud broker using the property known as cloud brokerage, which will help the consumers to find out better
solutions. Now most of the companies selecting cloud based on the fact that it provide more security and privacy assurance to the
services. IFC model helps to identify if any policy error has occurred, data management obligations. Speech recognition is one of the
main technologies available in every modern smart phone. Even though they are commonly available quality of speech recognition is
still not sufficient to replace the common hand written text.

Keywords: Cloud broker, Service Brokerage, cloud service provider, security, Speech recognition, ontology, annotations.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v7i5.2724


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