An Image Interpolation Based Reversible Data Hiding Scheme Based on Pixel Intensity

Sonika Payal, Gyanchand Yadav


In this paper, we propose two interpolations based reversible data hiding scheme. In the first scheme, we propose a novel reversible
stenographic scheme using image interpolation and pixel intensity. The scheme consists of two stages namely: image interpolation and data
hiding. At the first stage i.e., image interpolation, the original image is scaled up using the INP (Interpolation by Neighboring Pixels) and then at
the second stage i.e., data hiding, the secret data is hidden into the interpolated pixels. The amount of secret data is hidden into the pixels based
on the intensity of the pixels. The scheme makes use of a notion that more changes can be tolerated in high intensity pixels than in the low
intensity ones. Finally, we compare our scheme with some of the important schemes of the literature. The experimental results show that our
schemes perform better in terms of hiding capacity and image quality.In the second scheme, we propose a reversible data hiding scheme using
image interpolation which embeds the secret data bits into two passes after scaling up the input image using the INP (Interpolation by
Neighboring Pixels). Only interpolated pixels are used to embed the secret data. In the first pass, it embeds the secret data into the even valued
pixels followed by second pass in which odd valued pixels are used to embed the secret data. Before embedding the secret data in every pass, it
constructs a location map which is compressed using JBIG1 compression technique and is sent to the receiver using a secure channel. To
improve the security of the secret message, it selects a private key and XORes all the bytes of the secret data before embedding the same into the
image so that even if the attacker cracks the embedding algorithm he/she is not able to get the original; secret data. Experimentally, our scheme
performs much better than the existing scheme in terms of both data hiding capacity and image quality. Furthermore, it is very simple as it only
increases or decreases the pixel values for embedding the secret data.


Keywords: cover image, stego image, reversible data hiding, interpolation, secret data, hiding capacity, image quality.

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