A Survey Paper On Phishing Detection

Himani Thakur, Dr.Supreet kaur


With the evolution of internet in the last few years , phishing scams have also rapidly grown which is posing a great threat to
Internet security globaly. Phishing is one of the most common and serious security threat over Internet where cyber attackers generally try to
deceive users into revealing confidential information or financial credentials by using either malwares or some other social engineering
platforms. Because of huge damage and financial loss caused by such attacks, detection of phishing is of great importance and also has been an
area of great interest. No one phishing detection method is adequate enough due to the fact that there are several ways to carry out such an attack
and this has led to various phishing detection techniques. In this paper two major concerns related to phishing have been addressed. Firstly we
have addressed the history and motivation of hackers that led them to these attackes. We also provide classification of various types of phishing
attacks. The second issue addressed is related to the various solutions that have been proposed to detect and defend from phishing attacks. It
provides a better understanding of the existing problem, available solution space and scope of future work against such attacks.

Keywords— Anti-phishing;Data mining;Internet security

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v7i4.2706


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