Material Selection using Association Rule Mining

Vandit Hedau, Pushpesh Pant, Kuldeep Sharma


Data mining is multi-disciplinary field of study in its broader area of research. From a research point of view, it is not often to
implement data mining concept in material science. This paper attempts to investigate the data mining techniques for material selection which
are beneficial for design, manufacturing and other application of industrial engineering. Predictive data mining technique was used to model a
knowledge discovery system for the selection of materials that must satisfy the design specifications. Well known predictive method
Association Rule Mining with the help of WEKA software were used for material selection for specific application. The knowledge discovery
from the engineering materials, datasets is proposed for effective decision making in advance engineering materials design application.The main
aim of this article is thus to introduce a data mining techniques for material selection and also highlighting its value to the modern material
scientist and researcher.


Keywords:Association Rule Mining, Engineering Materials, Support, Confidence, WEKA software

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