Consistent Approach for Enhancing Security using Feature level Fusion

Sapna Saini, Chander Kant


High level authentication to an individual is provided by recognizing physiological or behavioural characteristics and this can be done using biometric system. But nowadays spoofing has become an important issue to be taken into account as unibiometric system can be easily spoofed with the use of dummy trait of the legitimate user. But with the use of multiple modalities, authentication level can be enhanced. Multi-Biometric System improves the capability of traditional biometric system. For establishing identity of individual different modalities of an individual can be used in a multibiometric system. The proposed multibiometric approach overcomes the numerous problems observed in unibiometric system by using different modalities instead of using single modality. Here we have proposed a scheme by fusing different modalities (face and iris) for raising the biometric system performance. The approach includes integrating the feature set of face and iris using feature level fusion. The main purpose of the purposed scheme is to enhance the FAR (false acceptance rate), FRR (false reject rate) and total response time.


Keywords - Biometric Trait, Face, Fusion, Iris, Multi-biometric

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