Mobile Learning of Numerical Simulations using Animations

Babangida Zachariah, Patience Ndang Yabuwat


The use of animations as teaching aids has long found its place in teaching and learning processes following its positive results. However, it is usually a computer-based animation that is being used which implies desk-bound learning and may not satisfy the ‘anywhere, anytime’ learning offered by mobile learning approach. Mobile learning employs mobile technologies and has proven to be an effective approach to facilitate learning as the learners go. This research work, adopts the use of animations in mobile platform to enhance teaching and learning of numerical simulations. A mobile learning system, NuSim was implemented on Android Platform to teach Euler Method, Euler-Cauchy Method, and Fourth-Order Runge-Kutta Method of numerical methods. NuSim was installed on some randomly selected students for testing purpose and found to be easy to use and also enhanced their learning.


Keywords: Animation, Mobile Learning, Numerical Simulation, Euler Method, Runge-Kutta Method.

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