Internet of Things in Learning Systems – A Perspective of Platforms

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Issa Kamar
Parag Chatterjee, Ali Hamie


With the advancement of smart technologies, educational systems across the world are showing path breaking revolutions, embracing the smart learning methods. Rather than focusing only on the learning contents, analyzing learning behavior and connecting the learners in a peer learning environment stands quite important in this scenario. Internet of Things being the technology to connect things, has taken its scope to a higher dimension, shaping the pathway to subtle interaction between people and things. Making use of Internet of Things in learning systems would open up new pathways to proffer effective learning. Primarily some of these pathways for integrating Internet of Things in learning systems have been discussed. To design an effective pathway for implementing Internet of Things in learning systems, a detailed study of its platforms is needed. In this work, a handful of such platforms have been reviewed based on few parameters. The disparities among these platforms have been separately pointed out. Implementing Internet of Things in learning systems would need to take care of these disparities so as to design a ubiquitous learning network across the globe.

Keywords: Education, Internet of Things, Learning, Platforms, Smart, Ubiquitous


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