C. Krishnan, T.B Aswinraj, V.Karthik, N.D Thamarai Selvi


This paper will provide an Inquiry management service for various hospitals which will be working online to help people from various places. This system, targets every single user in the present Tech world. More specifically, the application will allow the users to enter a query and get the response from the hospital server. This is very useful in places like hospitals. The current system does not possess proper database and the importance for such queries is less. This single response to these queries will benefit them on mining these data after an interval of time. Responses are given by the system staff. Every time when it is done, the status is updated in the backend for the respective query. The system staff can escalate the query if it is not able to reply for the query generated. The key challenge achieved here is that every single query is dealt with properly. For this proper dealing, the system application is made User-friendly. The inquiries are first dealt with matching algorithm from which the member in the bottom of the stack holder list will be able to forward the inquiries easily. Later the prioritization technique to split the inquiries will help the clients to be served as quickly as possible. The data mining is later performed on these pile of queries stored, and a result is produced which is going to benefit the Organization by increasing the client-base. The application can be operated on various tools like PCs, Laptops, palmtop. The user interface is created with HTML5, CSS and pHP. Apache tomcat is used to connect to the database and the database is accessed by MYSQL.


Keywords: Saas, Integration, Scheduling.

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