Simulation to Demonstrate Traffic Junction Management

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Rabab Kazi
Aniket Acharya,Anish Narkar, Harshala Yadav


In recent years due to an increase in the number of vehicles and limited growth in infrastructure there has been a rise in congestion of traffic especially in metropolitan cities. The project discusses various algorithms which can be implemented in various scenarios to dynamically determine green times and phase sequence of traffic light and reduce congestion in cities. To confirm the validity of the algorithms some case studies are considered and simulations have been performed to determine the effects of adopting the mentioned algorithms. The proposed system tries to incorporate all the functionalities of the existing systems in order to create a hybrid system, which would ensure that the current traffic scenario is improved by the proposed algorithm to optimize the flow of traffic, creating a smooth passage for services, which are time sensitive. Provisions are proposed to deal with fluctuating nature of urban traffic, dealing with emergencies, incident and other such factors .We aim to create a simulation of a traffic model with the current and proposed scenarios to study the impacts of the proposed algorithm.


Keywords: Traffic junction algorithm, traffic congestion, traffic control, dynamic traffic management, traffic management system, traffic simulation, SUMO


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