Impact Analysis of Localization of DNS For High Performance Computing

Ekta Gupta, Mohita Garg


DNS was made with two diverse engineering parts known as name servers and resolvers. They made a name space in which passages were case-obtuse, and the name space was made utilizing a tree-like structure. This took into consideration associations to see themselves as roots and be in charge of their own nearby name spaces, while keeping the structure sufficiently basic that there was comprehension of how top level root (organizations) servers could speak with one another. DNS made the thought of zones, which was an adjacent area of the name space, and the utilization of reserving to recover usually utilized records all the more rapidly and effectively. In this paper review on DNS for high performance computing is presented. The author of this paper portrays the procedure which was utilized to add to the first DNS. They clarify that the naming frameworks: HOSTS.TXT, XEROX and Clearinghouse.


Keywords: DNS, Name Server, Resolver, High performance computing.

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