A Survey of Cloud Based Healthcare Monitoring System for Hospital Management

A. Janaki, Dr. G. Shanmugasundaram


Cloud computing is an emerging new technology that can be integrated with healthcare monitoring system. The current survey of all healthcare organizations shows that it needs the assist of cloud computing to store the patients PHI and to get help in emergency condition using cloud based virtual server. For an effective monitoring system cloud uses BSN to monitor the patient health conditions. Here the cloud acts as a virtual server and stores the patient information in third party server which causes serious threats to security and privacy. The healthcare center contains various approaches which have been used to monitor the healthcare information based on cloud environment. The objective of this survey paper is to discuss about various techniques and taxonomy about the current methods of Cloud Computing used in hospital healthcare monitoring system. Moreover the strengths and weaknesses of the healthcare monitoring system approaches are discussed.


Keywords: PHI-Personal Health Information, BSN-Body Sensor Network

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v7i1.2605


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