Enhanced Security Framework for Wireless Networks

Sara Ali, DR S Krishna Mohan


Wireless Network is one of the most widely used technologies .It offers a great deal of promise by providing features like cost effectiveness, flexibility, scalability etc. As this network is wireless it dynamically changes it’s topology and does not have any central point of contact which allows the nodes to join and leave the network at any given time which leaves the network vulnerable and gives the attacker an opportunity to spoof the nodes, gain sensitive information and use the same against the network. The Rapid advances in the technology have considerably increased the risks for security. This research contributes to target attacks like Wormhole, Flooding while safeguarding the security and focusing on traffic related problem and suggests a solution for the same by employing a Virtual Private Network(VPN) and Observer Nodes which filters the nodes that enter into the system and a set of observer nodes which monitor the behaviour of the nodes ,the messages being exchanged and the traffic status ,using these metrics they decide the authenticity of the nodes and report the behaviour to the VPN if found malicious.

Keywords: Computer Network; Security; VPN; Wormhole; Flooding

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v6i7.2577


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