A Study of Ad-Hoc Networks

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Parveen Kumar
Pankaj Sareen


Mobile Ad-hoc networks have been widely researched for many years. Mobile Ad-hoc Networks are a collection of two or more devices equipped with wireless communications and networking capability. These devices can communication with other nodes that immediately within their radio range or one that is outside their radio range. The Wireless Ad-hoc Networks do not have gateway, every node can act as the gateway .Mobile ad hoc networks have many advantages over traditional networks, such as scalability, mobility and robust city. The network can be formed easily. It is gained more and more attention in recent years for the using in urgent and abrupt occasion, for example communication in military battlefield, salvage, temporary assembly and open country construction, etc. This paper focuses on the study of Ad-Hoc Network and its protocols.The concept of dynamic mobility is also introduced because nodes are moving from one place to another place, within this network any node can join the network and can leave the network at any time. This paper mainly focused upon the architecture, operating principle of Ad-Hoc networks. The various types of Routing Protocols are also discussed in this Paper; and finally applications, advantages and limitations of Ad-Hoc Networks are also discussed.

Keywords: Ad-Hoc Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks, Routing Protocols, MANET


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