Novel Approach to Factorize the RSA Public Key Encryption

Ms. Mrinalini shringirishi, Dr. Manoj Gupta,Yashpal singh, Anil Kumar Solanki, Ms. Pritee Gupta


The security of public key encryption such as RSA algorithm relied on the integer factoring problem of N. The security of RSA algorithm based on positive integer N, which is the product of two large prime numbers, the factorization of N is very complex. In this paper a factorization method is proposed, which is used to obtain the factor of positive integer N. Prime numbers play a very important role in the complexity and security of the public key crypto system. RSA Algorithm is one type of public key algorithm and its security depends on the complexity of factoring value of N. Any encryption algorithm depends on the length of the key and the computational effort required breaking the key. This paper introduces an efficient algorithm to attack on the RSA algorithm. Obtaining the private key of the RSA algorithm is the target of the suggested algorithm by factoring the modulus based on the public key (N, e) of the RSA algorithm. The suggested algorithm is very fast due to its treatments for the factorizing problem. It will limit the search for the two prime no’s p & q values. The suggested algorithm is more efficient than most existed algorithms of attack since it will interrupt the search process and takes less running time.


Keywords-Public Key Cryptography, RSA Algorithm, Factorization Problem, Attacks, Public Key Cryptography.

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