Cloud Computing and Physical Health

Brijesh K. Upadhayay


The cloud computing has changed the definition of data sharing in IT. Cloud computing provides the easy access of data without investing in infrastructure by company. Thus, research and development in cloud computing are scaling in a positive direction, due to the growing demand for cloud computing but no one is bothered about its impact on physical health. This paper provides the results after thorough analysis and data collection how cloud based services are acting like slow poison for physical health of youths. Youths expressed concern about the long use of cloud services and its impact on physical health. The result shows that female youth have feeling of fatigued faster due to the long use of cloud based services as compared to male youth. Male and female both youth were accepted that weight has increased due to the long use of cloud based services and finally male youth were accepted that sexual appetite has been decreases due to long use of cloud based services as compare to female youth.

Keywords: Cloud computing; social networking websites; physical health; fatigue; weight rise; sexual appetite; sick; sleeping disorder.

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