Analysis of Face Recognition using YCbCr and CIElab Skin Color Segmentation Methods

Gurveen Kaur, Paramjeet Kaur


Skin Color segmentation plays an important role in various applications such as face recognition, gesture recognition, human computer interaction etc. Face recognition is of main concern in skin color segmentation. There are various color models used for skin color segmentation (YCbCr, HSV and CIELAB) but appropriate method should be used for skin color segmentation. In real time the main problem is different light condition due to different backgrounds. In this paper,we propose the skin color segmentation with various color model algorithms, separate the face portion from real time video, analyze the results of segmentation of CIELab color model and match the face gesture in real time video with stored face gestures in memory. It is shown by various experiments that CIELab color space is better than other color spaces.

Keywords— CIELab, face recognition, image segmentation, skin color segmentation, YCbCr.

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