A Research on various Attacks in VANET

Namarpreet Kaur, Aman Arora


VANET is the emerging area of MANETs in which vehicles act as the mobile nodes within the network. VANETs are deployed in untrusted and unsecured environment. Value-added applications such as geographical location determination, online payment services, etc. in VANET, improve safety of driving, comfort to passenger, offer great business opportunities, and attract more attention in our life. Vehicles which can be enabled to communicate with their nearer vehicles and sharing the states of driving, VANETs avoid accidents potentially caused by lane changing, emergency braking, etc. The characteristics of VANET lay both challenges and opportunities in achieving the goals of security. Providing security to VANET is necessary by means of giving user anonymity, authentication, integrity, and privacy of information. The Various vulnerable attacks in VANETs are as DDOS attack, ID disclosure, Wormhole attack, sinkhole attack, misbehaving and faulty nodes, spoofing, traffic analysis attack, Sybil attack. The existing solution in this paper is, the security should be provided only to the unauthorized users alone but not to the authorized users. In this case the time consumption and the overhead will be more. In this paper we propose a new light weight holistic protocol to secure VANET against insider and outsider attacks.


Keywords: Security, Road Side Unit(RSU), Registration Identity, Certificate, Plausibility checks.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v6i6.2550


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