An Inexpensive Wearable Android Accessory

Kaustav Basu, Prabal Banerjee, Proyag Pal


The project aims to design and implement a prototype for a peripheral device built to function with any Android device. The device behaves as a notification display for an Android device (a phone or tablet) on a wristwatch-like accessory, and displays an ordinary digital watch when there are no notifications to be displayed. The aim is not to develop an altogether new technology, but to create a simpler, more affordable and accessible alternative to similar existing devices. The application of non-proprietary open-source technologies like Android and Arduino leaves the device open to modifications as per the requirements of users, while simultaneously reducing the cost drastically. Android’s overwhelming popularity ensures the accessory is available to a huge number of devices. Hence, from this choice of technologies, it is clear that our objective is to use freely available open-source software and technologies to make this device universally compatible to Android devices.


Keywords:–Arduino, Android, Wearable, open source, phone accessory, Amarino, Bluetooth, smart watch.

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