Clustering in vehicular ad hoc Network: A Survey

Manverpreet Kaur, Er.Amarpreet Singh


VANET is a special type of MANETs which uses vehicles as a mobile node. It uses the intelligent transportation system in which vehicles can communicate with each other to avoid large number of increasing accidents on roads. The communication between the vehicles is at greater risk because the messages are broadcasted by wireless channel and vehicles move with high mobility. With dissemination of messages, vehicles can change their position and direction which causes a communication gap between the vehicles. So, In all VANETs applications, connectivity Maintenance is a primal goal to achieve. To improve the connectivity and achieve efficient communication among these vehicles clustering algorithms are used. This paper focus on the various clustering algorithms developed by different researchers where cluster Head has selected by using some methods. Each cluster has at least one cluster Head and two or more cluster members where cluster Head may responsible for managing all functions and coordination tasks.

Keywords: VANET; ITS; Cluster Head; Clustering; Connectivity

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