A Novel E-Commerce Application for Customers

V. Mounika Chowdary, P. Venkata Santosh,S. Sai Kumar, N. Uma Maheswara Rao, M. Akshay Kumar, Dr. J. Rajendra Prasad


As Internet is becoming more widely used, online shopping is also growing tremendously. Electronic Commerce (EC) describes the buying and selling of products, services via Internet. It is about doing business electronically. Consumers could perceive the potential for time savings and reduced effort compared with traditional forms of shopping. Our project basically deals with the cons of existing E-Commerce sites such as the reasons which compromise the weaknesses of existing online websites for shopping. Basic disadvantage in existing shopping sites is there is no common platform that implements business to customer approach as well as customer to business approach, we provide both of these approaches. Information regarding the product and retrieval of relevant information is necessary in shopping sites, but if irrelevant information occupies more display space then users feel uncomfortable, we provide only the information regarding the products being searched. In any business system feedback plays a major role, since it is customer feedback which decides the quality of either product or the system so we now provide facility of providing site feedback also to the customer which helps other users to decide whether this site is useful or not. In customer to business approach customer can only post the items that they possess to sell, but we provide a facility to them in which helps they can post requirements in a product that they need. Dynamically the quantity availability of a product is displayed with other details of the product.

Keywords: customer, feedback, optimal search, product, comparison.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v6i3.2465


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