Green Computing an Eco Friendly It Environment for Upcoming Technologies

Shaik Khaja Mohiddin, Dr. Y Suresh Babu


Green computing, the study and practice of efficient and eco-friendly computing resources, is now under the attention of not only environmental organizations, but also businesses from other industries in this paper we have traced out certain innovative measures which may be helpful for overcoming the major problems which are emerging due to the immense usage of computing devices. With the pervasive increase of computing, to meet the requirements the energy consumptions are climbing to their peak, beside the clarion call in order to reduce consumption and reverse greenhouse effects, it’s becoming a major challenge for the IT leaders to develop and meet with the current expenses related to computing in the present financial crisis. Green computing or green IT, refers to environmentally sustainable computing or IT.


Keywords: Green Computing, Hibernate the computer, VPN, CO2..

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