A Theoretical Model for Real-Time Resource Monitoring for Securing Computing Infrastructure against DoS and DDoS Attacks

Emmanuel C. Ogu, Idowu S.A., Adesegun O.A.


–The challenge of denial of service (DoS) attacks and its distributed (DDoS) variants have immensely clogged the pathway of growth and development of the Internet and its reliant technologies, as well as computing infrastructure in general. This type of attacks have gradually carved a niche for itself as one of the most obnoxious forms of attacks to computing infrastructure in recent times. Many existing techniques for detecting, and mitigating the impact and extent of damage of this kind of attacks already exist. Most of them focus on monitoring and classifying every traffic that goes through the network as either “genuine” or “malicious”. However, due to the speed and overwhelming pressure of this attack, it is becoming increasingly difficult for most of these techniques to stand in the face of real-world attacks. This research proposes a more resource-centric technique for monitoring computing resources against DoS and DDoS attacks which focuses on monitoring the rate of consumption of critical computing resources, in real-time, by various processes, tasks and traffic that bother on them, creating room for prescribed actions to be taken in order to forestall full DoS and DDoS breaches before they occur.

Keywords – DoS, DDoS, Computing Infrastructure, Real-Time Monitoring, Cloud Computing

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26483/ijarcs.v6i2.2447


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