Implementation of Path Navigator for Smart Devices using Augmented Reality

Arfat Zubair Patel, Kazi Aquib Javed,Syed Ashraf Ali, Hamza Mohammed Noor Patel, Abdul Mugeesh Abdul Mateen


Cell Phones these are used for more than communication purpose .The advances in technology and popularity of Smart Phones have made mobile applications increased enormously in the present era. This project is for implementation and analysis of the usage of smart phone sensors for indoor navigation. The use of Global positioning Systems. Navigation is a technique which basically focuses on process of monitoring and controlling the movement of person or vehicle or craft from one place to another using Longitude and Latitude values example: Marine Navigation, Land navigation, aeronautic Navigation etc. The campus navigator is an android mobile application which is basically passed for exploring routes inside any campus premises example: Mall, College, Hospital, university etc. However, these applications must search along existing roads; they are not able to provide routes that are as precise as an on-campus path would require. GPS will be used take the current location of the user and according to values of longitude and latitude it will give information about different departments or classroom within range of 10 meters from user location. The resulting application enables the user finding paths to specific locations on campus and offers him the ability to explore the campus environment via augmented reality (AR).


Keywords: Augmented Reality (AR); Location Based; Campus Navigator; Virtual Reality (VR); GPS; Android; Mobile; Indoor;

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